What would you do with your time if you
didn’t have to think about making income?
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Jonas W. Bundgaard, Amanda-Li Kollberg,
John Seung-Hwan Lee, Siri Lee Lindskrog,
Svenja Prigge

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What would you do with your time if you didn’t have to think about making income?
The economy today seems to work for itself, not for our desires and freedom. Production is driven by profit rather than the needs of people. Jobs are created and secured through overproduction, even when it makes society ill from stress. Or viruses. Covid-19 is the direct symptom of the overproduction of animals, and has exposed the fragility of our market driven economic system. While climate change tightens on us, we helplessly produce and consume easy goods from unsustainable energy. We sell our time and thereby often spend it in ways that hinders us from living a life of genuine self-fulfillment. But what would we rather do?

Progressive futures require imagination of our aspirations and participation. Thus we invite everyone to collectively reimagine how our time could be spent when momentarily putting aside the, otherwise rarely questioned, premise of having to make income.

The responses posted here might inspire further research based artistic practice, and might therefore be included in projects resulting from such practice. We reserve the right to remove responses that are hateful or discriminative.